Monday, April 23, 2018


I just knew that technology would adapt and allow me access here one day!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2017


It is a Happy New Year with two babies arriving this summer. A year of Double Portion!

Friday, October 14, 2016


Season of Blessing Lives

Season of Blessing lives
But Jesus said "It's more blessed to give than to receive"
Acts 20:35
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Hello there,
God has not called us to be successful, He has called us to be faithful and the only way we stay faithful to Him is by living by His guidelines and commands. It is not what we do that matters, but the amount of love we bake in the doing.
As we gear towards the festive season, we invite you to walk with us in the path of changing lives. We will keep you posted on how you can give with even greater love towards this call to service.
We largely request for your prayers in different segments of our operations. Learn more of this segments in the subsequent columns in this edition.
Plus we take a peek at our tailoring class and bring you a snippet of the progress of our tailoring class.
Further, meet our feature child this month and learn more about the reserved Wallace in our Know your child segment.
I pray God guides your eyes and touches your heart as you read through. Remember, your favorite Christa's Corner column is up next.
Paul Mukani
Did you know that some of the most repeated words in the Bible are "believe" used 272 times, "pray" used 371 times, "love" used 714 times and "give" used 2,161 times! GIVE is used three times more than love! The reason why? Because God knows it is counterculture for us to give. We are naturally takers. But Jesus said "It's more blessed to give than to receive"-Acts 20:35
We praise God for the healing of Paul Mukani from extremely serious malaria. We praise God for our 5 students that are excited and ready to take their final exams! We praise God for our donors who make it possible that we have 4 middle school students  who are ready and excited to take their high school placement tests! God is so good!
We are waiting with eager anticipation for our shipment of 140 Made with Amore bags to arrive soon! We have big plans on how to use the funds raised from the sale of these bags but even with the sale of the missing bags, we would still need to raise thousands of dollars in addition to our sponsorships between now and 12/15. We need these funds for our upcoming December expenses of registering our children for their 2017 school year, paying their school fees, having their uniforms made and purchasing their school supplies. We also would like to provide our children with a small Christmas gift and each of our families with a chicken to enjoy on Christmas day. We need a total of $10,000 additional funds between now and 12/15. 
That number overwhelms me. $10,000. But, I know it's possible and we've seen God answer our needs in the past so we are hopeful. We are working on various ways you can "Shop for a Cause" and purchase items that support us and our programs…
  • I'm offering my photos (digital or printed) in exchange for a minimum $25 donation
  • We have beautiful, original, hand-paintings of African scenery available in exchange for a minimum $50 donation 
  • We have various business (we are working to compile the list) that are donating their commission or a portion of their sales to Give Amore 
  • And hopefully soon we will have our Made with Amore tote bags for sale as well
If you have any fundraising ideas or ways that you can help us reach our lofty needs in December, please let me know. 
I'm thankful for your prayers and support! 
May God's grace be with you all. 
High School Seniors
High School seniors

Give Amore's Graduate starts College
Tailoring class archievements
Christmas Fundraising underway
Photos: File
New Made with Amore Lead Teacher-Evans Amatieku
Letter to Sponsor

High School Seniors Prepared For Their Finals

Alice, Evangeline, Frida, Chrispinus and Wallace will be taking their 12th grade finals in November. The exams that are scheduled to commence on November 7th will be done nationwide with the national education docket looking to select the best of the candidates for college education scholarships.

The three ladies and gentleman are well prepared and equipped to undertake the tests.
Thanks to Give Amore donors, they were each handed items to help them with their examinations (ie: a stopwatch, mathematical equipment, clip boards, pens, pencils and more paper. They were also each dedicated to God and prayed over by local church pastors. We wanted to send them off excited, energized and prepared for this big event so they can do their best!
We strongly hope and believe they will make it through their finals and emerge among the select beneficiaries for Government College scholarships come March 2017. Let us all keep them in our prayers.
Tailoring Students Learning "Sew" Much!

Our tailoring students are in their second month of study and it is evident they have learned so much in a short period under the direction of our new teacher-Evans.

From handling the complicated sewing machine to reading the tape measure correctly and tedious cloth cutting to sewing a foundation dress sample, these competent students have come a long way to comfortably make children dresses from fabric scraps. That is incredible growth and we are so proud of them!

Christmas Fundraising Underway

December is a big month for Give Amore as we want to provide each of our children with something "extra" but also prepare for the huge expenses that are necessary in January as we enroll and pay school fees for our children for the 2017 school year, provide uniforms, shoes and school supplies! Last year, God provided through generous donors and a few various fundraisers.

We were counting on the sale of our Made with Amore bags to help us reach this huge financial need, but currently, our 140 bags are over 2 months delayed and seem to be lost at sea.
If you'd like to help us reach our financial needs, we can use your donations now more than ever! We also have various ways you can "shop for a cause" such as Christa's photographs that she will provide you're your choice of a digital copy for a minimum of $25 donation, various businesses donating their commissions or a portion of their commissions and more! We will soon provide you with more details on how you can shop for a cause! Please be on the lookout!
And our new website

Meet Wallace Simiyu

A strong and handsome young man with a quiet disposition, Wallace is one of the children seen through school sponsorship right from elementary to now 12th grade, his final year in high school.

Raised by a single mom after his father's death, Wallace (the first born of three siblings) has seen it all from having to drop out of school from lack of school fees and requirements and prior to his sponsorship was often having to go to bed hungry without anything to eat.
Speaking to him, he attributes all his successes to God and further reiterates that his strength and motivation is drawn from his childhood struggles and what now lies ahead of him as a young man.
He will take his national finals tests on November 7th and with that in mind he said, "My mother is my greatest fan, Give Amore my motivation and God my staff… I won't stumble; I trust I will do well in those tests to come, we all will. "
Amen to that. All the best Wallace.
Letter to sponsor

Dear Kathy Hedley
I hope you are fine together with your family. My family and I are also fine from this end.
I am pleased to have got this opportunity to write this letter to you.
I thank God almighty for the life he has given us.
I do well in school and my favorite subjects are history, Christian Religious Education and Business studies. My favorite pet is the cat. I like cats because of how clean they are.
I am grateful for your sponsorship and it has changed my life so much. After many years of constant prayers God answered my prayers by bringing you into my life. (Read Mathew 7:7).
I pray for blessings over your life and God to enlarge your financial territory from generation to generation Amen

Copyright © *2015
* *Give Amore*, All rights reserved.

404 Mirafield Lane, Austin, TX 78737, 512-554-1988

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Monday, January 04, 2016

Got my Christmas Chubsie on


Seriously slowed down for some mindfulness this Christmas season and enjoyed simplicity but my noshing was full tilt all month long! A wonderful Christmas day at Laura’s, Steve and I took our Fox Hounds with Adam and Laura and their pups and hit the trails after a lovely feast with Mom Clark. Classic American…..starting a clean diet for the month of January…and prayerfully beyond.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blogging complications

Two weeks home - and I still haven't gotten an overview of my trip completed.
Our family life has kept a hectic pace with several important birthdays and a couple of urgent event in a short time period.

It will come. It will all get done. I am longing to share!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


When I walk on the streets, the bricks under my feet are rather romantic. They are old streets of brick. It seems so ancient. These roads are not ancient but the old buddhist temple here is old and is now a mosque. I will find the date of it. I feel I am in some pre 1900 time. I can imagine it. The iron pots/bowls for Chinese medicine are laid out to sell. I can imagine it from long ago. The old men hunched over pushing a cart. Little children run by. Dogs sometimes wandering. Street sweepers with the straw brooms of Kenya and India. The sun glinting on the tile roofs. I feel a part of it. But not. There are the motor bikes, there is some blaring music, I see the western wedding dress shop. The electric signs.
But some signs in Chinese characters seem old even though they are modern.
The hotel restaurant so romantic.
Noodle shops or tea houses so 1950s. The mix of cell phones and old men with long white pointy beards.
I cannot speak to those around me. Nothing is easy. I get in the elevator with the maid. She sees I look her in the eyes. She wants to speak too. We stumble through with our simple efforts but cannot understand each other. I am embarrassed and frustrated but willing to keep trying. We settle for Ni Hao or a nod each day. It will have to be enough.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Switching to China

Setting my sights on China, I am thrilled that I will be able to go over there and teach English. This has been my dream for many years and I finally will get to do it this summer. I hope to take other people over there to teach with me, as well. Are you interested? I am going on a trip soon to learn about the culture in a certain area and just see how life is lived. What a great country. I really love it. Maybe in the fall, I will get the opportunity to do some Mandarin language immersion training. My Chinese friends help me with my Chinese but I barely know anything because I cannot remember over here in English land. I have no idea what all might happen or how it will go, I am just thrilled and happy and ready to make new friends and just enjoy this wonderful world.

Friday, January 30, 2015

TGD closes doors but Amore Ministries OPENS

TGD closes doors but Amore Ministries OPENS
"The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the LORD of Hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the LORD of Hosts.." Is this email not displaying correctly?
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TGD Passes the Baton to Amore Ministries
To all our beloved donors and friends, Trinity Global Development sends our love and appreciation.  We are closing our doors, but new doors of opportunity open with Amore Ministries through Jimmy and Christa Horst. Steve and Stephanie worked and prayed throughout the year of 2014 to end TGD on a good note with all the children sponsored in their schools for the entire 2015 school year. That gives Amore Ministries time to ramp up and bring about new projects, such as wells and much needed midwifery support.  Ed and Anita Nenonen will continue in ministry with our Kenyan family.
The last six years have been exciting and productive. The TGD building and the computer classes will continue in some form through Bishop Titus. Amore Ministries will have a couple of rooms there. There will continue to be some level of support for the needy children. But new things are going to be blooming! God is doing a new thing! Now it springs up! Do you perceive it? A way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
There is nothing like being in the service of the King. All hail King Jesus! All hail Emmanuel! Our God with us! His glory shines forth forever and ever.        
Amore Ministries:
    God bless you,
Christa Horst
Office: 512-331-7020
Cell: 512-554-1988
404 Mirafield Lane
Austin, TX 78737
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Trinity Global Development
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

9 of our nearly 50 students!

Each one an eternal soul- pray for our Kenyan children!
Emmanuel, Paul, Walter, Fredrick, Everlyne, Grace, Yvonne (twice,) Mercylyne and Noel.

High School Girls!

Proud of our two new high school girls, Gladys and Lydia!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Address Change

Our address changes from 1615 to 1713 but everything else stays the same. May God guide every donation!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Trinity Global Development News

Trinity Global Development News
1 Samuel 8:5 "Look", they told him, "You are now old, and your sons are not like you. Give us a king to judge us like all the other nations have." (NLT). Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Samuel was shocked that the Israelites were rejecting the one true king (God) who had proven his trustworthiness to them from time to time and demanding for a human king. And even the reason why they wanted a king was the most discouraging, they wanted to be like all other nations around them. They did not ask Samuel for a solution; they told Samuel what their solution was. It's easy to slip into a quiet rebellion-going about life in our own way. It is true that the people were in dilemma during that time because Samuel was getting older and his children were not credible. But what could have been appropriate response of the people in that situation? The people could have sought an answer from God patiently through prayer.
In our efforts to maintain control in our own lives, we often make decisions based upon our own assessment of a situation, rather than rely upon God. And in most cases we give up so quickly on God and pursue our own solutions. We only tend to turn to God only after things get so out of control that there is no place else to turn. The Israelites made a choice to reject God and instead preferred having a human king to solve their problems. God was just enough to grant them their request. But we get to learn what would happen to a society or a family if it separates itself from God's guidance. Often we desire for ourselves that which is not in our best interest, and though it is against God's ultimate will for our lives, God will implement His permissive will that allows us to have our own way. The result is suffering the consequences of our rebellion against God, and through it, God can teach us a lesson. The truth is that we often get into trouble by wanting to be like the world when we should instead be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:1-2). Israel leant a hard lesson later because of this request.
Which choices have you made in your life? Have you given up on God just because He is taking too long to answer your prayers? Or are you striving to emulate and compare yourself with the people around you? I pray that you will pursue to be transformed to the image of Christ. The time comes when you have to choose who or what will control you. The choice is yours. Will it be God, your own limited personality, or another imperfect substitute? Once you have chosen to be controlled by God's spirit, reaffirm your choice every day.
Ebola watch
Eight months down the line, the Ebola crisis has gradually graduated to a global concern. With its dense effect felt in the western African countries of Africa, it has been in the rise, breaking the continental borders into the neighboring continents too.
The locally confirmation here is, Ebola is not yet in Kenya and not a single case has been reported. This all the same has not kept the government from crusading a nationwide sensitization of what Ebola is, its symptomatic markers and preventive measures.  It has further assured its citizens of its alertness medically to curb Ebola if it is detected in and around the borders of the nation.
High fever, vomiting, bleeding from multiple body openings, loss of appetite for food among others, are a case of focus to watch for of this contagious disease. Although it rapidly executes its victims, it is a proven point that its killing guillotine can be contained and defeated once a healthy individual is sensitized of the symptoms and there after keeps off contact with the Ebola victims.
Nigeria's success in controlling Ebola from its borders should be a motivating spark towards the fight.  Located just at the center of this vicious enemy, Nigeria came out a champ, beating this ill-fated demon at its own game and restoring its borders the freedom from Ebola. Therefore, the world as a whole should borrow a leaf from Nigeria's boldness and together join forces to get rid of Ebola perpetually
It is our prayer to God that this deadly killer be contained, most especially in Liberia and other entangled West African nations, to curb its rapid spread to other parts of Africa and the world.
Christmas Christmas yet again!
Christmas 2014 is looming and as the Christian family all over the world brace themselves for the birth of Christ, at TGD we are taking a much wiser swing on our gifts!
This Christmas we are investing largely on schooling needs of our sponsored children since that's a sure way of bringing up a self-sustaining adult in the society.
It is all about Jesus, education, relationships and then the nitty-gritties of our lives.
Some of the items in focus are:
  • School uniforms(shoes and socks inclusive)
  • School bags
  • Exam registration fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Course books and stationery among other items.
We therefore welcome you to be part of this breathtaking move of giving towards this Christmas.
God bless you as you give to Him to help a needy child this Christmas!
Cheerful giving Cheerful Giving!
Jesus commands us to practice justice, mercy and faithfulness without neglecting to tithe on material blessings (Matt 23:23.) Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations and teach obedience to all His commands. (Matt 28:20.) Therefore, this Christmas, Jack will be encouraging our sponsored children and their guardians on the blessings that come with putting God first in our hearts by obeying Him with our material resources (Malachi 3:10.) Freely we have been given, so freely we give (Matthew 10:7.) And with the measure we use, it will be measured to us (Luke 6:38.) Let all of us obey the Lord in generosity to those who are needy, in addition to tithing to the local church and giving offerings of joy from time to time. Showing God gratitude and trust means giving Him the first portion and trusting Him to make the rest go farther—and He CAN!

His hands
As we jingle our bells into the Christmas spirit, we can't help but acknowledge the joy of our achievements in Jesus Christ this year.
Despite all the challenges and obstacles the evil one keeps erecting in our course, Jesus has kept our anointed hands even more productive in service to Him and mankind at large. In his own words he sent out his disciples saying, "Go ye into all the earth, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved…"  Mark 16:15-16
Many keep coming to us and exiting better than they came in. For instance, most of our past computer students have landed prestigious jobs in leading firms, all thanks to God and their quality computer skills that rate them way better in contrast to their equals. They keep coming back in testimony and gratitude.
Also, many in the community are so thankful over the well dug and handed to them a few months ago. From their testimonies, they admit the truth that most of their water troubles are dwindled and are so thankful Christ sent us out to touch their lives.
These among so much more wouldn't be a reality without your involvement. His joining you to us has achieved all this glory for Him and thus making Jesus, you and us, the perfect team!
Copyright © 2014 Trinity Global Development, All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Trinity Global Development
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